Base Units Ontology Version 2.0

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Base Units Ontology Version 2.0

The namespace prefix for resources in this ontology is: unit

The vocabulary graph is available as: Turtle

Table of Contents

  1. Resource Index
    1. Imported Graphs
    2. Non-imported Resources
  2. Resource Details
    1. Classes
    2. Properties
    3. Instances

Imported Graphs

A list of graphs imported by is shown below.

Graph URIIntent the schema for quantities, units and dimensions. Types are defined in other schemas. the base quantities for units conversion. purpose of VAEM is to provide, by import, a foundation for commonly needed resources for metadata on an ontology.

Non-imported Resources

The graph uses 15 resources from other graphs that are not imported, as listed below:

Resource Index

The main namespace for resources in this graph is with the prefix unit.


No Classes defined in this graph


No Properties defined in this graph


The graph defines 36 instances, as indexed below:

Restricted Datatypes

No restricted datatypes defined in this graph

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